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Request for Applications (RFA) No.001 - TEAM - 2017

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Efficient use of public funds through fair and transparent procurement

Transparent, Effective, and Accountable Municipalities (TEAM) Activity in Kosovo is seeking grant applications from local non-governmental organizations to create, implement and promote innovative ideas, mechanisms and solutions that will contribute to increasing the role of citizens and civil society organizations to reduce municipal governments’ vulnerability to corruption, promoting fair and transparent procurement system and implementing government monitoring activities that improve government service delivery.


Transparent, Effective, and Accountable Municipalities (TEAM) Activity in Kosovo anticipates awarding up to 90,000 Euros through up to three individual grant awards in the range of 20,000-30,000 Euros each, for a duration of no more than 12 months per activity. A pre-application orientation session will be held on July 7, 2017, from 10:30 am to 11:30 am at the program address indicated below. Organizations that would like to attend this session must confirm their attendance by sending the participant’s and the organization’s name to: KosovoTEAMSupportFund@dai.com by July 6, 2017. Only one person may attend from each organization.

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To qualify for consideration, interested organizations are required to complete a: 1) full grant application; 2) implementation plan; and, 3) detailed grant budget. A full application package can be requested by emailing:  KosovoTEAMSupportFund@dai.com. Applications must be submitted no later than 16:00 hrs. July 28, 2017.  Applications shall be submitted in electronic format (compiled in one PDF document) to: KosovoTEAMSupportFundInbox@DAI.com. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Transparent, Effective, and Accountable Municipalities (TEAM) Activity Kosovo Str. Mujo Ulqinaku 20, Pejton, 10000 Pristina, Kosovo Please submit all questions concerning this solicitation to: KosovoTEAMSupportFund@dai.com.
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